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Meeting Tiger Woods in Vegas, 2007

tiger woods at the ballagio
Tiger Woods and Speedcat Hollydale at the Ballagio


I was going back to my room after loosing miserably at cards when Tiger Woods and his entourage turned the corner and walked torwards me. I asked him if he won anything down at the tables. He said no, and that he was only there to see a friend in one of the shows playing at the Bellagio. At the time, it did not register that his friend was actually one of his girlfriends. Anyway, that’s not the point of this post. The point is how fun he was to talk to, and that he talked to me at all. Of course, I asked to get a photo with my phone … he said, “Sure, just don’t place it out there on the internet because I am not really in Vegas”. Seems enough time has gone by to finally post it up here at my golf blog. Nobody reads it anyway !