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2011 in review

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Albion Ridges Golf Club

Albion Ridge Golf Course

Albion Ridge Golf

Hollydale Golf Club Perfect day in September

From Hollydale
From Hollydale
From Hollydale
From Hollydale
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From Hollydale

Every once in a while you get a day that is not only perfect outside, but also perfect in every way. Add a good round of golf into that formula, and it is one in a million. I played well all day, and my only “problem hole” arrived on #12, a shorty par four. After a push to the right side of the green, I had a fairly easy pitch shot to the green that also needed to get under a bush limb. I hit what seemed to be a good shot, but it went too high … disaster and now hitting three to the green. This time I just needed an easy chip to get up and down, saving par. Long story short, this was my worst shot of the day as I found the ground before the ball. OK, time to re-group, make a two putt, and run to the next hole with a bogey, right? Nope, a 40 foot putt from the fringe flies straight into ( dives into is more accurate ) the hole for the ugliest par in the history of man.
This is just how the entire round seemed to go, as I effortlessly made my way to the clubhouse with a final score of 73. I always love a golf day, but this one was like a day in heaven. My list of favorite rounds is a long one, and carry so many wonderful memories. To rate this day in comparison, I think at the very least – this would make my TOP 20 list.

From Hollydale

I also made a driver video here: Hollydale Golf Longest Drive Ever

Cedar Creek Purple Beek

I played Cedar Creek on Tuesday. Talk about a perfect day with pefect weather … it just does not get any better. I’m not sure why, but my swing was just on. Seems that every shot I hit was solid and exploding off the face of the club. Not once was I in trouble or playing from a difficult position. The putter was working ok, much better than my normal rounds where I seem to miss everything and three putt quite often. My scorecard read 72 on the par 71 track. Not to shabby for a once in a while player such as myself. Without a doubt, this was one of the most enjoyable and fun rounds I have ever played.

Elm Creek Green Golf Shirt

It’s been a while since I posted anything here, and these photos are from a while back. Playing golf that day I was using my camerphone and another camera … and forgot about the photos on the other memory card! I was dropping them into my computer and thought hey, easy quick blog. Don’t want my account closed for NO ACTION

FORE !!!!!
and yes, a “couple of dandy lions” that day

Photos from Pebble Creek Golf Course in Becker

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Rum River Hills Golf Course Spring Opener

I played golf for the first time this season last Monday at Rum River Hills. It seemed like an eternity since my last round in October 2010. You always wonder what your game will look like after a long delay, and I had no idea if I remembered how to hit the ball.
The course was not busy, and it seemed like we rented the entire place for the day, which was great, and the fairways and greens looked good after a long mean winter.
My best shot of the day was a full rip 3 wood from 270 out over water to a small green. It was a bit short, but just a 30ft chip and a putt left for my birdie. After this hole I felt like I was unstoppable, but of course had a few bumps and bogeys left to be had.
After the round I counted 28 photos in my camera phone memory stick .. these are a few of the best shots.

Meeting Tiger Woods in Vegas, 2007

tiger woods at the ballagio
Tiger Woods and Speedcat Hollydale at the Ballagio


I was going back to my room after loosing miserably at cards when Tiger Woods and his entourage turned the corner and walked torwards me. I asked him if he won anything down at the tables. He said no, and that he was only there to see a friend in one of the shows playing at the Bellagio. At the time, it did not register that his friend was actually one of his girlfriends. Anyway, that’s not the point of this post. The point is how fun he was to talk to, and that he talked to me at all. Of course, I asked to get a photo with my phone … he said, “Sure, just don’t place it out there on the internet because I am not really in Vegas”. Seems enough time has gone by to finally post it up here at my golf blog. Nobody reads it anyway !

18 Holes and a Purple Shirt


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