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Elm Creek Opener

Nike Dymo STR8 Fit Driver
After a long bitterly cold winter in the Midwest, doing anything outside again without 5 layers of clothes and a jacket is like some kind of therapeutic, serotonin inducing nirvana.
Add a new golf club [ a driver ] , an open golf course, and you have what is in my own mind the best day possible on this planet.

I played golf for the first time this year on Monday, March 29th. Temperatures were in the low 70’s which is freaky warm for this time of year. While the course was still very yellow, and had taken quite a beating from winter, it was dry enough to take carts out. When I post about golf, I can never find the right words to describe what goes through my mind, or just how much I love it … all aspects of the game. While playing, I never notice if I am tired, I never notice if something hurts, I never feel stress of any kind, and it seems like visiting heaven. I’m sure that sounds strange to people that do not share my love and passion for the game, but to me it is just that powerful. I feel at home on a golf course, like it has something to do with destiny. Everyone has their own comfort zone – to some people it’s home, to others it may be a church, even work in some instances. I just happen to belong at the golf course.

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Hitting from the 12th tee box with a Nike Dymo STR8 Fit Driver
Nike Dymo STR8 Fit Driver golf early spring

SQ DyMO Golf Driver Nike Golf

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