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Natalie Gulbis

Natalie Gulbis

To watch Natalie Gubis swing is so interesting to me because of the way her lower body actually moves forward and upwards, while her head and shoulders remain on plane and at the same height as address. In my own personal swing, the left foot acts as a plant for moving weight and turning into the line. With all certainty, a topped shot would result from using foot action like Natalie’s at impact. She seems to create speed and acuracy with this style of legwork …. it just proves that there is not just “one” correct method of producing solid golf shots.

I found this next video of Gulbis nailing one poor soul with a wedge. So many times while waiting on the tee box, I practice hitting to targets – just not “human” targets!

It looks like this guy has a pretty even temperment … I must admit, I’d love to be hit with a Natalie Gulbis golf shot!

Here is my own impact position “flipped” around.

From Picasa