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Driving Range Speedcat Shot-Making

I have not been able to play golf for some time now. I’m just too busy at work. During an actual round of 18 holes, I dress the part, and always remain serious to the business at hand. [See photo left]

I did stop at the driving range Friday night on the way home from the big city. I am in work clothes and wearing my glasses. I usually play with contacts because it’s much easier for me to make solid contact with the ball … here are a few examples of how I struggled to get off a few good shots!

Mauling one 335 yards out torwards the woman’s prison.

This shows how important a pre-shot routine is.

Just so you know this was not a fluke, I did it twice 🙂

I was trying to upload these last night, but to no avail. (arrrgg!) I just made it back from work today and “voila” … they are posted. You can see all of my short video’s HERE . The link is actually to a test and sandbox blog I started to publish my adventures with Olga the Traveling Bra . It has never been seen by human eyes before, and NOT searched by googlebots. Yep, only one “bra” and one “cat” have walked across the pages of this blog … until now.


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