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Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek Purple Beek

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I played Cedar Creek on Tuesday. Talk about a perfect day with pefect weather … it just does not get any better. I’m not sure why, but my swing was just on. Seems that every shot I hit was solid and exploding off the face of the club. Not once was I in trouble or playing from a difficult position. The putter was working ok, much better than my normal rounds where I seem to miss everything and three putt quite often. My scorecard read 72 on the par 71 track. Not to shabby for a once in a while player such as myself. Without a doubt, this was one of the most enjoyable and fun rounds I have ever played.


Chalace at Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek

19 holes

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Some rounds are just better than others, and then there are those choice few that you remember in detail for the rest of your life. It had been 4 or five years since I had played with my brother and father together, ( I don’t publish their photos on the net ). We played a skins game for our “family trophy”. Yes, small potatoes for the rest of the population … but important to me. The match was won on the first hole of sudden death with a 5 foot putt. I think it was the longest putt I sank all day! 

  • Cedar Creek Golf Course

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    Course Layout

    Cedar Creek Golf Course Description:

    Area:                      Grass Type:                          Size:

    Greens                               Bentgrass                                                135,000 sq. ft

    Tees                                    Bentgrass                                               150,000 sq. ft

    Fairways                              Low Mow Bluegrass                           32 acres

    Rough                                 Blend of Blue, Rye, Fescue       60 acres