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2011 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

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The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 11,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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3 best Golf Tips ever


Meeting Tiger Woods in Vegas, 2007

tiger woods at the ballagio
Tiger Woods and Speedcat Hollydale at the Ballagio


I was going back to my room after loosing miserably at cards when Tiger Woods and his entourage turned the corner and walked torwards me. I asked him if he won anything down at the tables. He said no, and that he was only there to see a friend in one of the shows playing at the Bellagio. At the time, it did not register that his friend was actually one of his girlfriends. Anyway, that’s not the point of this post. The point is how fun he was to talk to, and that he talked to me at all. Of course, I asked to get a photo with my phone … he said, “Sure, just don’t place it out there on the internet because I am not really in Vegas”. Seems enough time has gone by to finally post it up here at my golf blog. Nobody reads it anyway !

Fall Golf Spectacular at Shamrock GC

extreme driver golf long drive

on patio on Twitpicempty clubhouse on Twitpiclast shot of the year on Twitpicgiant club on Twitpictwo weeks ago there was snow here on Twitpicpro rated flop shot on Twitpiccrotching tiger hidden Hollydale on Twitpicohhhhh shit! ... ha haaaa on Twitpic350 yards into a lake on Twitpicsizing up me putt on Twitpictaking public crap on Twitpicautumnal golf cat on Twitpichole 1 / par on Twitpicgoooooolllf! on Twitpicyou gottah see this one ..... on Twitpic

Giant Golf Club un retouched ... just turned out this way!I had almost given up hope for another round of golf here in the North Country. Just two weeks ago I was taking pictures of snow on the ground. Today was windy, but in the upper 50’s … seemed really warm compared to recent temperatures. You cannot let an opprotunity like this to go to waste!
Best part of my round, and entire year for that matter, was an eagle 2 on hole #12. It’s a shorty par four measuring 320 yards, and my drive landed on the green – 8ft from the pin.
Sometimes life is really tough, and other times it seems like heaven. Today was most definately in the latter catagory.

huge squash golf trophy I even won the coveted “Gordo Trophy” ….

Hollydale GOLF Dreams

Hollydale Golf Dreams

There was a soft glow of sunlight that shimmered through a small opening in the hazy grey skies, and seemed to linger over each turn I made. My golf course was private, and my solitude was only circumnavigated by my one playing companion. Raw majestic beauty shook the core of my spirit as my eyes were dazzled with bright hues of green … and grandeur. I could stay in this one location for eternity. Indeed, that was the evident fact as days and months rolled by.
The club I played was private, not because of hierarchy or status quo, but because the parameters were guarded and patrolled from both inward and outward traffic. My mind was pacified by this, and focused. The jail I resided in was not one of contempt, but of freedom. Ironically it seemed to be my own fortress of serenity.
I became proficient and powerful with the set of tools I carried. Even the most simple of weapons can take decades to master. The defined sharp motions of a machine combined with fluid grace of Samurai embodied each effort to conquer this play field. My rewards were not in numbers, but yet in visual accomplishment. There are so few things in life that reward is assured for effort. Sometimes I wonder if there really are any other arenas that can hold this to be true.
Thoughts of pain, disquietude, and contrition were all held at bay as I made my way from each tee to green. The joy in just this one aspect was savory. Futile are those that seek for light, when they are surrounded by darkness. A simple statement … yes, but one only self evident with the reflections resonating from forgiveness and hope.
My journey here will be lifelong, and irresolute – If only in my dreams …

Hollydale Golf Dreams Book

Hollydale Golf Dreams

Masters in Augusta Georgia

Trevor Immelman win in 2008

Trevor Immelman win in 2008

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Natalie Gulbis at the Mastercard Tournament in Mexico

Natalie Gulbis Mastercard Girls
Natalie Gulbis Mastercard Girls
Tournament Dates Mar 20, 2009 – Mar 22, 2009
Location Mexico City, Mexico
Club(s) Bosque Real Country Club
Previous Champion Louise Friberg
Scoring System Stroke
Rounds 3
Playoff Rounds 0
Course Length 6901 Yards
Prize Money $1,300,000.00
Cup Points No
Natalie Gulbis and Claudia Jordan

Natalie Gulbis and Claudia Jordan

Natalie Gulbis is one of 16 celebrities competing for the title of Celebrity Apprentice. She joins a cast that includes Joan Rivers, Dennis Rodman, Jesse James and Scott Hamilton this season on NBC.

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  • Lyle Clark the LOGO Golf Ball KING

    LOGO golf ball king

    LOGO golf ball king

    Lyle Clark started playing golf 17 years ago. In that time he has collected thousands of logo golf balls, all of which he displays on hand build wooded racks in his home. He even has one with his name on it … given to him as a gift from his grandson.
    As an avid golf ball hunter, Lyle finds his collection in ponds and trees running along the edges of his course, Cypress Run. He’s always sure to bring along the custom ball retriever that extends 16 feet to fetch them out of the water.
    Each ball is sorted by category. He has display areas for golf locales, schools ,gas companies, sports teams, car companies, liquor brands, and more. The collection has blossomed because friends and relatives send him new balls all the time. Logo balls are his passion, but thousands more are in the garage stored in egg cartons. They are the unimportant ones he gives away.

    Leagal Beaver Cheat

    Dave paid the beaver 100 dollars to win 50

    Dave paid the beaver 100 dollars to win 50

    Saving the Driver for the Correct Holes on Every Course you Play

    Driving with a Utility Wood

    Driving with a Utility Wood

    I have one major fundamental weakness during my mental round of golf … almost every time I play. I will reach for the driver on almost every hole. While this affords me with some easy birdies on shorter holes, it also opens the door for a mistake that costs me a few shots. So many times I have taken an easy par hole and carded a double bogey by simply picking the wrong club from the tee box.

    Rounds where I have scored the best, are the rounds in which I strategically planed my shots in advance, and stuck with them. During a round, you are bombarded with so many other thoughts and emotions. Most player will choose their options with emotion and snap compulsory decisions. I think that is simply human nature.

    My most effective method of playing a hole with trouble on left / right sides of the fairway is with my hybrid rescue club. I retain distance, about 210 yards, and almost always hit it strait. The higher loft will afford you a much greater margin of error than a driver ~ or even a long iron. Changes in club design have also made these clubs very easy to hit from almost any lie. Hitting a crisp shot from a tee is almost effortless.

    My swing thoughts for a strait shot are simple. Smooth, and balanced. Have you ever noticed that most of your best shots are attained with a balanced and smooth follow through? This is no accident, and one of the easiest pre-swing thoughts to retain. Forget the million tips you have picked up from different sources, and forget about the major swing focus groups you work on when at the driving range. Grab the rescue wood …. and swing smooth and balanced. Plan this attack agenda before your round on each and every tight driving hole. You will thank me later!