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Not so Serious Golf

Look at this tee box. Ugly as it is, you would think aliens had been landing here at night. I, on the other hand, am not scared by rocket fuel.

If you look hard and squint, you can see me standing on the bridge over the pond. You are not squinting enough!

Here I come running into my warm up routine. I am very limber.
This is where a strong calf comes in handy. I love beef, and hamburgers. Hot dogs are OK, but full of nitrates!

Spring I go into action. My altitude is key to preparing for a good round.

After landing safely back on Earth, I strike this Ninja pose to ready my “Chi” and mental attitude for the round. I hold this pose for at least 5 minutes.

Don’t forget to help others find their balls. I find that this will gain you a friend or two.

Try not to stop for bathroom breaks too much. I try to sneak them in when others are not looking.

Canadian Geese belong in Canada. Here I am telling some of these ugly fowl to go home and stay home!
Thanks for sharing my day. Next time YOU are invited!