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Albion Ridges Golf Course

Albion Ridges Golf Course
Starting with 18 holes in 1991, Albion Ridges Golf Course now offers 27 holes of championship golf with 3 distinct nine hole courses; Rock, Granite and Boulder. Designer Todd Severud incorporated numerous elevation changes, water hazards, and a layout that provides many options from the tee box. This seems to be exciting, challenging, and quite dangerous for me because my natural instinct is to cut corners and take gambling shot lines with a large drive. I place this course in my top 3 favorite places to play anywhere.Albion Ridges is playable, yet ready to capture any ball hit poorly. This course just fits my eye and style of play … “Most fun on the links in a long time”! Of course it helps when I am competing with my best friend in the world, who also happens to be my father.

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My scores were pretty low for my game this year, shooting 38, 37, 37. All three 9 hole courses carry a par of 36. While not the hardest course on the planet,

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