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Golf Carts with Flair

Hey Robert, you're over here too. Cool shades /O-O\ This Redneck and Golf is without a doubt one of the best (and funniest) post I have ever seen. Go over to Robert’s and check it out. There you will find “his” brand of golf carts.
As we are hoping to meet up someday for a round, here is an older post from “Speedcat Hollydale ” – showing my own brand of golf travel…..

Time to clean out my golf cart! I have not unloaded everything for it’s winter storage yet. (My cart stall is on the small side) I drove down to the local market with it all loaded up like this to pick up some Pepsi and make sure it was running OK. I received a lot of comments, and 5 dollars from a lady that thought I was homeless….. hey, free pop!

This is my old cart (above/right). Before I retired the old girl, we decided to see just what it could take. Well, this photo was it’s last journey. The frame snapped and it started leaking fuel – the motor was still running though. Ha Haa! I sold it to the junk yard for 15 dollars.