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Natalie Gulbis

Natalie Gulbis

To watch Natalie Gubis swing is so interesting to me because of the way her lower body actually moves forward and upwards, while her head and shoulders remain on plane and at the same height as address. In my own personal swing, the left foot acts as a plant for moving weight and turning into the line. With all certainty, a topped shot would result from using foot action like Natalie’s at impact. She seems to create speed and acuracy with this style of legwork …. it just proves that there is not just “one” correct method of producing solid golf shots.

I found this next video of Gulbis nailing one poor soul with a wedge. So many times while waiting on the tee box, I practice hitting to targets – just not “human” targets!

It looks like this guy has a pretty even temperment … I must admit, I’d love to be hit with a Natalie Gulbis golf shot!

Here is my own impact position “flipped” around.

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Welcome to Hollydale Golf Notes

. . . The putting green
This is where I need to start the round!

My name is Speedcat Hollydale. I started blogging a year ago, and mixed many different topics on my main page. It seemed about time to create a blog devoted exclusively to golf. In the past, readers were really not interested in my golf thoughts and stories, because I had not attracted a golf audience. With this page I am not interested in creating a volume of traffic, nor a huge page rank for searching key words. Rather, this will be my own spot for golf related posts.

The future of this blog will contain my own course reviews, golf news, and great pictures from the best courses in the world. Most of the following posts are from the past summer on the greens.

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Riverwood National

************************************************************** Riverwood National in Otsego Reviewed by SpeedycatRiverwood National is a new course, in it’s second season. My opinion of this layout is not yet quite formed. It has many blind shots, doglegs, and elevation changes that prohibit you from seeing your ball actually land. This course is also set up as a “target” course. It puts a premium on playing the correct yardage off of the tee. If you expect to grab your driver and smash the ball down the middle – you are at the wrong place! Until I learn how to navigate my shots into the right position here, my days will be filled with turmoil. Many shots from the tee box looked perfect to me…only to run through the landing area and into watery graves. ANYTHING with the word grave in it, is not good! I rate this course a soft 6 on the 1~10 scale. If you are looking for a mental test of golf, go to Riverwood. If you like to belt out large drives, stay clear.

If anything, this is a scenic course for being so young. Only a couple of holes are still in rough shape.

  • Score: 75
  • Longest drive: 360! (help from wind and elevation)
  • Longest birdie putt: None made? Yes, it’s true.
  • Pars on card: 15

This was a great day to play golf, and the people at Riverwood National are fantastic. Worth a try!


Adams BUL Driver

– You can click on this picture to see inside my nose-
Click on this picture to see inside my nose

Click on Adams Insight BUL Drivers to check this club out.The Adam's BUL Insight Driver Rocks Brother! This photo was taken August 2007, warming up on the “driving lake”. What is a driving lake? Well, you hit your own old balls in the water.
My playing partner let me try his new Adam’s Insight Driver, and I was thoroughly impressed. Trust me, I have hit all of the new lines from the top manufactures, and this piece of equipment stands up to the best of them…..at any price.This shot in particular went about 335 yards, and strait out like a rocket. Ball speed at impact is very explosive – and it is very easy to catch the sweet spot.
How about those knee caps! – Speedcat

Not so Serious Golf

Look at this tee box. Ugly as it is, you would think aliens had been landing here at night. I, on the other hand, am not scared by rocket fuel.

If you look hard and squint, you can see me standing on the bridge over the pond. You are not squinting enough!

Here I come running into my warm up routine. I am very limber.
This is where a strong calf comes in handy. I love beef, and hamburgers. Hot dogs are OK, but full of nitrates!

Spring I go into action. My altitude is key to preparing for a good round.

After landing safely back on Earth, I strike this Ninja pose to ready my “Chi” and mental attitude for the round. I hold this pose for at least 5 minutes.

Don’t forget to help others find their balls. I find that this will gain you a friend or two.

Try not to stop for bathroom breaks too much. I try to sneak them in when others are not looking.

Canadian Geese belong in Canada. Here I am telling some of these ugly fowl to go home and stay home!
Thanks for sharing my day. Next time YOU are invited!

Golf Carts with Flair

Hey Robert, you're over here too. Cool shades /O-O\ This Redneck and Golf is without a doubt one of the best (and funniest) post I have ever seen. Go over to Robert’s and check it out. There you will find “his” brand of golf carts.
As we are hoping to meet up someday for a round, here is an older post from “Speedcat Hollydale ” – showing my own brand of golf travel…..

Time to clean out my golf cart! I have not unloaded everything for it’s winter storage yet. (My cart stall is on the small side) I drove down to the local market with it all loaded up like this to pick up some Pepsi and make sure it was running OK. I received a lot of comments, and 5 dollars from a lady that thought I was homeless….. hey, free pop!

This is my old cart (above/right). Before I retired the old girl, we decided to see just what it could take. Well, this photo was it’s last journey. The frame snapped and it started leaking fuel – the motor was still running though. Ha Haa! I sold it to the junk yard for 15 dollars.

Santa Golfs?

Santa’s Day Playing Golf with SpeedyPlaying golf with Santa and Speedcat Hollydale in Tucson
Blogging does have it’s advantages. I have met some real icons, and the greatest one of all… Santa.

After Christmas, he had some time for a vacation, invited me to play golf on my last day off before returning to work. It was the time of my life. I would love to tell you all about it, but Santa’s version is so good, I’ll let you read his post. Just click on our picture!!

Ohh yes… here is my present this year.

Thanks Santa. I hope we can play again next year 8~)

Neon Fairway

Neon Fairway Neon Fairway

The original photo was taken in June 2007. I gave it a tweek or two. Out of all the pictures taken during the 2007 season, this is one of my TOP 5.

Greenhaven Memories

When I was 13 years old, I started playing golf at Greenhaven Golf Course in Anoka MN. It was not the first course I played, but it was the first course to become my home.
It was 1979, and I rode my motorcycle through miles and miles of old backwoods farm roads, and then along a stretch of railroad, to get to this place and see it for the first time. To me, it was like finding heaven on Earth. I walked along the old entrance road (which now does not exist) and was amazed at the beauty and grandure of this course – with majestic oaks linning each fairway of perfectly manicured bent grass. It was one of those perfect “10” summer days and I swear I can still feel the breeze and smell the flowers growing by the clubhouse. As I watched groups of players make there way down the 10th hole, I wanted to be with them, to join them, and take part in this awesome game. I’ll never forget this day, and it was one of those pivital moments that everyone has occur in their lives.
My dreams came true, and my Father bought a season ticket for me. I loved him so much for this special gift. I began riding with him to work on weekday mornings, and he would drop me off to play in the junior / senior time slots that were allocated from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM. Eventually, my brother and my childhood best friend joined my golf excursions, and we became our own group of regular golfers. This lasted for two summers, and was probably the best time of my life.
Each round and practice session increased my skills, and I was extremely dedicated to becoming the best golfer at . My future goals became golf oriented, and the sport was now a passion to me, and not just a game.
When I played, I imagined myself in the great Masters Tournament, or playing in the US Open. A low scoring round was a major victory and the best image booster I could attain. When I played with a group of people I had not met before, they cheered and boasted accolades of that young player with so much talent ….. forward 28 years >>>

I played Greenhaven again one week ago. The course is different. The majestic trees are gone. The plush bent grass fairways are now a mix of blue grass and fescue. The grand clubhouse is replaced with a nice updated building, yet has no character. The people are different, and it is surrounded by a decaying neighborhood. It’s class and prestige have all but left this place, and so had I.
I never found my dreams of the Masters or the US Open, and realize that I never will. I never will be the best.
Something magical happens still, as I walk onto the first tee box at . I feel the fire and ambition of that young boy, and his love of the game bubble to the top of my soul. I smile and feel alive again. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take almost anyone in a golf match, and still feel the same love and ambition that that 13 year old did. I still take great pride in being able to demolish a golf ball 340 yards with the driver, and like nothing better than to play every Sunday.
Many things in my life have slipped by and away. Things did not turn out as I had planned, but there is always one more round to possibly become the best of “my” life. This is what is important to me now.
A 13 year old boy with a dream wrote this.
One last note….my favorite person to play golf with at ? My Father

Stevie B’s has NOTHING to do with Golf

Chicken Tuesday on a Saturday Night
Chicken Tuesday on a Saturday NightSo I’ve been working part time at “Stevie B’s Southern Buffet” to make a few extra dollars, and pay for all of my Christmas presents I put on the charge card this year. My regular job does not have paid holiday’s, and gave me 0.00 dollars for a year end bonus. I feel like Chevy Chase!! (he likes chicken too)
I told Stevie about my blog and the new “Chicken Tuesday’s” that I have decided to create for your enjoyment here on my page. Lord knows, I could use some kind of direction and/or regularity. Anyway, he loved the idea, and we are joining forces to promote “C. T.” , as I call it. We even have a sign advertising the day! How exciting, I must say. For 9 bucks, you get 15 different kinds of chicken, and of course this includes my favorite “Buffalo Red Hot Flame Chicken” … not for the weak stomached folks.
Stevie B’s is on Larpenter Ave between Chells & 49th Street. Mention me, and get an additional 10% off you bill – plus, you may get to see the old cat in person cooking up my meat of choice. YhaaaHooo!!!

Chicken Tuesday on a Saturday Night Speedcat Hollydale

Chicken Tuesday on a Saturday Night Speedcat Hollydale
I love chicken ... I am going to catch this chicken and take him home ... here chicken chicken!