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Adams BUL Driver

– You can click on this picture to see inside my nose-
Click on this picture to see inside my nose

Click on Adams Insight BUL Drivers to check this club out.The Adam's BUL Insight Driver Rocks Brother! This photo was taken August 2007, warming up on the “driving lake”. What is a driving lake? Well, you hit your own old balls in the water.
My playing partner let me try his new Adam’s Insight Driver, and I was thoroughly impressed. Trust me, I have hit all of the new lines from the top manufactures, and this piece of equipment stands up to the best of them…..at any price.This shot in particular went about 335 yards, and strait out like a rocket. Ball speed at impact is very explosive – and it is very easy to catch the sweet spot.
How about those knee caps! – Speedcat


Santa Golfs?

Santa’s Day Playing Golf with SpeedyPlaying golf with Santa and Speedcat Hollydale in Tucson
Blogging does have it’s advantages. I have met some real icons, and the greatest one of all… Santa.

After Christmas, he had some time for a vacation, invited me to play golf on my last day off before returning to work. It was the time of my life. I would love to tell you all about it, but Santa’s version is so good, I’ll let you read his post. Just click on our picture!!

Ohh yes… here is my present this year.

Thanks Santa. I hope we can play again next year 8~)