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Hollydale Golf Course Blow Out

One thing I have learned to be proficient at is hitting a high wedge from a tight or poor lie in the rough. I place the ball way back in my stance and beat straight down on the ball, with a mental image of driving it into the dirt. Of course, the opposite effect is the result. With this method you reduce thin shots and fliers


7 Birdies at Shamrock Golf Course

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5 wood Adams to par 3 Pheasant Acres

5 wood Adams to par 3 Pheasant Acres

speaking at the podium

and that's how I scored 7 birdies ...

Pioneer Creek in Maple Plain

Pioneer Creek Golf Course

Pioneer Creek Clubhouse cabin deck

Situated upon 200 picturesque, rolling acres along Pioneer Creek in Maple Plain you will find this little known golf course. The design is classic Joel Goldstrand, with massive elevation changes, winding fairways, and water everywhere. At Pioneer Creek, you must put some thought into your tee shots. Seems you are constantly aiming at a target rather than a “line”. The greens are fairly hard to read, as it seems there are no flat areas of ground to compare too. This is the kind of course that would be much easier to play once you drove the track a few times. As a whole, I like the course and layout. Challenging, yet not overbearing. Playing smart shots is key to getting par on any hole. I found myself looking to play around, or away from hazards all day.

The clubhouse is small, but quite nice. Pioneer Creek Club House log cabin
Very informal and friendly, is does not have a stiff country club feel. More of a regular Joe atmosphere … which I love.
Best part about playing Pioneer Creek was the fall special, where you pay half the temperature. A Minnesota fall day drives that green fee low and fading.

Pioneer creek panoramic golf photo Click to see a massive 2000px Full Panoramic shot of hole #9


( Pioneer Creek Golf Course – Maple Plain, Minnesota )

Pebble Creek in Becker

pebble creek

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Pebble Creek Golf Club

Chalace at Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek

19 holes

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Some rounds are just better than others, and then there are those choice few that you remember in detail for the rest of your life. It had been 4 or five years since I had played with my brother and father together, ( I don’t publish their photos on the net ). We played a skins game for our “family trophy”. Yes, small potatoes for the rest of the population … but important to me. The match was won on the first hole of sudden death with a 5 foot putt. I think it was the longest putt I sank all day! 

  • Cedar Creek Golf Course

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    Course Layout

    Cedar Creek Golf Course Description:

    Area:                      Grass Type:                          Size:

    Greens                               Bentgrass                                                135,000 sq. ft

    Tees                                    Bentgrass                                               150,000 sq. ft

    Fairways                              Low Mow Bluegrass                           32 acres

    Rough                                 Blend of Blue, Rye, Fescue       60 acres

    Greenhaven Golf Course Anoka MN

    Greenhaven Golf Course Anoka

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    Greenhaven Golf Course Anoka par 5 lake hole pond par five

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    greenhaven+sand trap bunker shot execution

    taco bell golf drive through tee box

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    When I was 13 years old, I started playing golf at Greenhaven Golf Course in Anoka MN. It was not the first course I played, but it was the first course to become my home.

    Back in 1979, and I rode my motorcycle through miles and miles of old backwoods farm roads, and then along a stretch of railroad, to get to this place and see it for the first time. To me, it was like finding heaven on Earth. I walked along the old entrance road (which now does not exist) and was amazed at the beauty and grandeur of this course – with majestic oaks lining each fairway of perfectly manicured bent grass. It was one of those perfect “10” summer days and I swear I can still feel the breeze and smell the flowers growing by the clubhouse. As I watched groups of players make there way down the 10th hole, I wanted to be with them, to join them, and take part in this awesome game. I’ll never forget this day, and it was one of those pivotal moments that everyone has occur in their lives.
    My Father then bought a season ticket for me. I loved him so much for this special gift. I began riding with him to work on weekday mornings, and he would drop me off to play in the junior / senior time slots that were allocated from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM. Eventually, my brother and my childhood best friend joined my golf excursions, and we became our own group of regular golfers. This lasted for two summers, and was probably the best time of my life. Each round and practice session increased my skills, and I was extremely dedicated to becoming the best golfer there. My future goals became golf oriented, and the sport was now a passion to me, and not just a game. When I played, I imagined myself in the great Masters Tournament, or playing in the US Open. A low scoring round was a major victory, and the best image booster I could attain.

    ….. fast forward 30 years >>>

    I played Greenhaven again yesterday ( Fathers Day ). The course is different. The majestic trees are gone. The plush bent grass fairways are now a mix of blue grass and fescue. The grand clubhouse is replaced with a nice updated building, yet has no character. The people are different, and it is surrounded by a decaying neighborhood. It’s class and prestige have all but left this place, and so had I.
    I never found my dreams of the Masters or the US Open, and realize that I never will. I never will be the best. Something magical still happens as I walk onto the first tee box at . I feel the fire and ambition of that young boy, and his love of the game bubble to the top of my soul. I smile and feel alive again. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take almost anyone in a golf match, and still feel the same love and ambition that that 13 year old did. I still take great pride in being able to demolish a golf ball 340 yards with the driver. Many things in my life have slipped by and away. Things did not turn out as I had planned, but there is always one more round to possibly become the best of “my” life. This is what is important to me now. Most people that stop by my blog do not play golf, nor do they know much about it. I do not post as much golf related topics as I used to. When I do, please bare with me, knowing that a 13 year old boy with a dream is writing it

    One last note … .my favorite person to play golf with at Greenhaven?

    My Father

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    Pebble Creek

    Pebble Creek is loaded with beautiful flowers, thick tight fairways, and great greens. The practice facility is second to none and lunch is just a short walk from the cart at T’s 4 a great buffet … or so I’ve heard 😉

    Combined with T’s Restaurant, Pebble Creek has all the latest amenities at reasonable prices and is well worth the drive. One of my TOP 5 favorite courses in the world.

    View photos, golf rates or book a tee time today. 

    Elm Creek Opener

    Nike Dymo STR8 Fit Driver
    After a long bitterly cold winter in the Midwest, doing anything outside again without 5 layers of clothes and a jacket is like some kind of therapeutic, serotonin inducing nirvana.
    Add a new golf club [ a driver ] , an open golf course, and you have what is in my own mind the best day possible on this planet.

    I played golf for the first time this year on Monday, March 29th. Temperatures were in the low 70’s which is freaky warm for this time of year. While the course was still very yellow, and had taken quite a beating from winter, it was dry enough to take carts out. When I post about golf, I can never find the right words to describe what goes through my mind, or just how much I love it … all aspects of the game. While playing, I never notice if I am tired, I never notice if something hurts, I never feel stress of any kind, and it seems like visiting heaven. I’m sure that sounds strange to people that do not share my love and passion for the game, but to me it is just that powerful. I feel at home on a golf course, like it has something to do with destiny. Everyone has their own comfort zone – to some people it’s home, to others it may be a church, even work in some instances. I just happen to belong at the golf course.

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    18 on Twitpicbarnholer on Twitpicbirdie on Twitpicwidowmaker on Twitpiclob wedge on Twitpicstretching at the turn on Twitpiccontort! on Twitpicswale shot .... heheheee on Twitpicdingelberrie creek on Twitpicrollin pudderz on Twitpicgood night irenes its golf on Twitpic

    Hitting from the 12th tee box with a Nike Dymo STR8 Fit Driver
    Nike Dymo STR8 Fit Driver golf early spring

    SQ DyMO Golf Driver Nike Golf

    …. all photos taken with my camera phone and uploaded to: Twitpic – Share photos on Twitter

    Great Golf Days from the Past

    power golf power drive
    Great Golf Days from the Past

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    Hollydale Golf Course

    Hollydale Golf Club & Hollydale Golf Course
    Playing November golf here in Minnesota is a gift. I played Hollydale Golf Course on Monday 11/16 with a warm 51 degree sun shining over frozen ponds. By the end of the round as the sun set on the horizon, the temperature had dropped to a cool 39 F.
    Below are some photos from what may have been the most fun afternoon of the year. My score you ask? ….. 76. I think I played better than that number, by my short game let me down on the back nine.

    Hollydale Golf CourseHollydale Golf CourseHollydale Golf CourseHollydale Golf CourseHollydale Golf CourseHollydale Golf CourseHollydale Golf CourseHollydale Golf CourseHollydale Golf CourseHollydale Golf CourseHollydale Golf Course